Rick Santelli's rant

Did anyone see Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC while he was in Chicago? Are we really that close to a taxpayer revolt in this country, ie a modern day Boston Tea Party? And if so, how would it take place in modern day America? I’ll admit I was getting pretty fired up after I heard his piece today!

Rick was dead on the money…People with no vested interest in financial instruments are on Obama’s side…Take from the responsible and give to the irresponsible…Liberals make me sick…Socialism makes me sick…

I heard it on the radio–great rant!

This guy looks smarter and smarter every passing day!!!


Check out his track record at…


SCARY accurate!!!

Well, I hope his predictions are wrong–he’s even more pessimistic than Schiff & Roubini.

The White House picked up on Santelli’s rant and called him an “individual who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” I almost died laughing when I read that! How ironic that the Obama administration would call someone that when their “stimulus” packages are bombing bigtime!
Quote from White House press secretary referring to Obama’s housing package:
“Here’s what this plan won’t do,” Gibbs said. “It won’t help somebody trying to flip a house. It won’t bail out an investor looking to make a quick buck. It won’t help speculators that were betting on a risky market. And it is not going to help a lender who knowingly made a bad loan.”
Unfortunately these morons don’t understand that the only ones successfully helping this housing mess right now ARE THE INVESTORS!!!

"We have allowed our nation to be overtaxed and overregulated and overrun by beauracrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we’re putting up with. "- Ron Paul.

Im ready the Revolution. Ohh and by the way, ide love to see these Liberals try and take away my gun. (Somebodys gonna die tryin)