Richard Roop?

I listened to his conference call and he seemed to have some good info but didn’t seem to share any of it. It was teaser after teaser with very little actual content. It seemed to be just a sales pitch however I was wondering if anyone owns his programs and what their feedback of them is? I’m always looking for new parketing strategies. Please only respond if you are actually using his copy and implementing his actual strategies. Thank you in advance for your feedback!


No one’s replying. I ordered his kit, it’s actually VERY good- better than Scott Rister’s stuff in my opinion, Scott was good on general ideas, Richard actually has a lot of step by step to do’s and actual samples in WORD so you just plug in your info. It’s the best most comprehensive marketing system I’ve seen. I’m actually one that’s not impressed by most of what I receive from these gurus’, that’s why I usually get everything off ebay, but I was pleasantly suprised this time.


Thanks for you response. What has your statistical results been?


Honestly- NONE! I’m new to the creative side, about 3 months now, I’m still gathering info and learning, I have NOT implemented anything yet- I’ll be starting in January actually. It’s hard changing careers, I’ve got tons of obligations to ‘wrap up’ that never seems to end. :slight_smile:

It’s been more than 6 mths now, have you implemented Richard Roop’s materials? I am thinking of getting his course. How do you rate it?

I am interested in his course as well, but I don’t want to pay that price ::slight_smile:

If you listen - I mean REALLY listen - to Richard Roop’s teleconference he did on REIClub, you can pick up a LOT of usefull information. You have to bypass a lot of the “noise”, but there is a gold mine of FREE information in that call, IMHO. Also, check out his FREE article for even more valuable information. He is a marketing genius.

is his teleconference over ?
his stuff is expensive but his articles are good. They are easy to follow…SO did you guys buy it ?

Nope, haven’t yet! ::slight_smile: Still contemplating. I was looking into Larry Goins stuff, anybody got it here?

[i]is his teleconference over ?[/i]

Yes, but you can still download the free recording of the teleconference:

Thank you!!! :slight_smile: Do you have any of his course by chance?

thanks nomoneydown