Rich Dads Education?

Rich Dads Education is coming to my area soon and is holding free seminars. Has anyone gone?Is it worth going or just a sales pitch?

I like Robert - so I checked into it just out of curiosity. Note: I had no plans to invest in any of their programs/seminars though; I am not a sucker.

In summation, its a ripoff / overpriced like most other real estate seminar type sales pitches

So you think the free seminar is just a sales pitch with no value in going?

everyone does a free seminar to drag you in the door. if you go, leave your checkbook and credit cards home. Dont even leave them in your car. All they will do is dangle a carrot in front of your eyes and hope you bite with your checkbook.

Hey, I personally went to rich dads education. It was such an UPSELL! i went in Chicago, where i reside. They dont teach anything, all they do is motivate about there program. I belong to nouveauriche which is a real, real estate investing school in Arizona but our company has offices in nearly every state.

Save your money and purchase the Rich Dad books instead. They’re no more than $20 /each and they have some good info. They’re not “how to” books but they contain some good ideas. The books have pretty much the same info that you’d get in the seminars… but without the salespitch

All ways remember that nothing that says free ever really is free! :shocked Like mentioned earlier it’s just a sales pitch to upsell you on their three day training that will cost you X amount of dollars then turn around and say that since you stayed as long as you did they will discount the price. If you plan on learning anything for free you might as well look through the forum and i bet you anything that you would learn at their expensive training you can learn here! But if you plan on attending go with a friend that might be interested in investing because the two of you could go half on it and that will be less cost effective.

I think Robert is a great mentor/ marketor but I would highly suggest do not get your hopes up too high thinking that the training is going to be completely free. Also, just as a heads up Robert will not be at the presentation someone that works for the Rich Dad Education will be conducting the seminar. I went and listened to the presentation and noticed how small the hotel conference room got as people were being challenged to spend money to attend the three day training that they had coming up.

I attended the free seminar and the three day seminar back in June.

Free seminar - sales pitch for 3 day seminar which costs $495

3- Day seminar - sales pitch again for advanced courses ranging 5K to 45K

I second another user who posted that you would find more information in this forum.

IT IS HUGE RIPOFF dont do it.


The problem is that you didn’t get to the Platinum Inner Circle Level of Guru Oneness. That level of greatness, where money literally falls from the sky, only comes with spending $100,000 on your “education”. Only at that level will you be shown the true “Inner Secret”, known only to those in the “Inner Circle”. That secret: THERE IS NO SECRET! The other big secret: the gurus make their money selling a non-existent secret - not in real estate!!!

Almost all the gurus have the same system. Lure you in with the promise of a secret that is only obtainable at the next level of training - a secret that never arrives (because it doesn’t exist).

Fortunately, you figured out “the secret” (that there is no secret) very early and without much expense. Read and ask questions here and join your local REIA. Those are almost free and you’ll learn the TRUTH about real estate investing!

Good Luck,


great info / insight!

i’ve heard of the program before, and i’m sure there is great information inside, but as usual, maybe take it with a grain of salt

I don’t know about the seminars but I’ve been happy with the Rich Dad’s books, audio CD’s and games that I’ve purchased. Another good read is The Millionaire Next Door, and if you’re planning on buying rentals, Propertymanager’s book is a must read.


I took the 16 week Rich Dad course last year.

I learned a lot about investing as I went through the online tutorial and worked with my coach every week.

During that time I was also reading other real estate books and was also working every week in the investing-apartment business (rehabbing units, renting them, balancing the books, etc.).

The course is somewhat expensive - but most courses that have one on one teaching and a tutorial will probably run about the same.

Yes; you could read everything on this website (as I am currently doing), and read all the Rich Dad books (and others) and pound the streets and work the REI business. I commend anyone that is doing that and learning. That is great.

I believe that I learned a great deal - but can honestly say that I applied my self and worked hard.

Paying $5k (for the Rich Dad course) is not going to make you a millionaire, no more than paying for a expensive personal trainer at the gym will make you an Arnold Schwarzennegger.

Making it in real estate - or any aspect of life - takes hard work, determination, persistence, drive, belief in yourself, and good old fashioned hustle and sweat.

After the course - I interviewed my coach, Travis Martin. You can read the interview here:

I have also read about every book by Robert Kyosaki, most CD’s and most podcast and have enjoyed and learned from them all.

Just wanted to post up my personal experience with this course.
(I am not paid any commission by Rich Dad).

How To Attend Free Seminars

I agree with whomever said, Leave your checkbook in the car…but on the other hand, GO!

You are in a room with 200-300 other like minded people that are looking to make it in Real Estate Investing.

Bring your business cards and network the room.

Using a sign like this one…

We would lock up 2-3 light poles on the way into the Marriott, Sheridan, etc.

Can anyone say Buyers List?

This is an example of Guerrilla Marketing. They have spent at least $20,000 to put together the dog and pony show and you show up with $10 in supplies and make $20,000 off the properties you wholesale to the attendees.

This is how we compete with the biggest players in the industry. If you try to go head to head on advertising dollars with HomeVestors, you will lose.

It’s trying that technique that no one has tried that just might make your year.

Hope this helps,

Matt Gerchow

I’ve never been impressed by RK. Everyone talks about how RD/PD will be life changing. Not really. Seemed like a lot of story to make a simple point. I was reading his column on Yahoo for a while and that was lame. He found a way to mention his good friend Donald Trump in every article. Yawn.

Thanks everyone for your insight. In the end I went with my gut and stayed home figuring it was a big sales pitch.

I think this has been posted once before, but belongs here too.

Go to the free seminar and come back here and read, read, read! I went to both the free and $500 seminar and learnt nothing compared to what I read here on this forum. I know of a few guys that actually spent the 20k on a course (wholesale) and still have not done their first deal. They are doing the same things that I am doing now and ask the same questions.

John T Reed does nothing but tear down other “Gurus” while peddling his own crap. He’s hardly an objective expert. The Rich Dad books are decent for the price. They have some useful information that you can use. They should be used as a resource only. Just like many other books. For $15 - $20, if you can can just ONE idea that saves or makes you money, its money well spent. The problem is where ANY “guru” tries to lure people in to high priced seminars,courses etc… You can spend a little money and a lot of time to get the same education.