Rich dad 3 day course

I’m wondering on any thoughts on
RICHDAD REAL Estate Robert T. Kiyosaki?

I signed for 3 day course
need little more info not sure where to get it

Any other ideas or Gurus that would help newbie?

Don’t spend amother PENNY. Go join your local REI club, there’s probably a link to it here.

NEWBIES…FORGET THE GURUS, BOOT CAMPS, PRO LEVEL COURSES, It’s a sales job. These guy’s don’t invest in real estate they SELL INFORMATION, most of which is FREE at your local REI club or HERE.

How many times do we have to say it???

It could be because this section is called “Carlton Sheets, Beginners, Courses, Gurus, General Forum” that people feel the need to buy the courses.

I like every one of Roberts books. I have at least 8, there may be more …
The education is good and thorough. And it is the slowest way to learn investing, and mucho exspensioso’. All can be found here daily and from amazone.come, barnes and nobles etc.
I like amazone the best, easy shopping and all on sale.
You will want to go to as many courses as possible, but go to the one day free ones, and leave an hour early before the “buy my crap” pitch comes up. All the guru stuff can be bought for 20 bucks a course at I would still go to these shows if you are new to the biz. You will always gleen a nugget.
Have fun, Darin

What kind of info do you need since it seems you already signed on? You’re late for doing due diligence.
Personally, a good mentor will definitely be an asset to the new investor. But I don’t think these big name conglomerate types are the way to go. You’ll be speaking and working with some $15/hour employee of the company. Find someone to work with you personally, one-on-one.

Thanks for the info
my goal is to find a Mentor in my home state of taxachusetts

finding my way to a real estate estate club around here
I am signed on but have many questions from A-Z

I’ll continue my search for info and Mentor with my Goals in mind

Thanks again

always open for suggestions

Just out of curiosity what does the RTK 3 day course cost?

Went last year to the one in new york city and found it very helpful until he decided to bring his team up on stage and try to pitch his information at us. Last hour was dedicated to that

Last time I checked it is not amazone

I went to the 1 day (about 2 hours) seminar but refused to pay the $500 or so dollars for the 3 day session. Several days later I read on some of the other forums that the 3 day event turned into an extented sales pitch for a $10,000 mentorship program. They said no substantial information worth the money paid was received.

I would have been relieved had I actually considered paying to attend the 3 day session. But they hadn’t told me anything in the 1 day seminar that I didn’t already know.



I know the name of the section. But why do people pay for these courses THEN ask what we think about them.

Here’s a tip for new guy’s.

I have a little method for finding properties that works very well. It took years of trial and error to fine tune it. You couldn’t buy it from me for $5000, $10,000 or even $100,000 because I’ve made a hell of a lot more than that USING it. With that thought in mind…



And even IF they did, as soon as YOU and your CLASSMATES hit the streets there goes the secret. It’s common sense guy’s.

so pete, how about sharing your secrets… ill buy you a beer instead… :biggrin

My “3” cents worth - to avoid duplication - and allow for inflation: When I got into this “business,” there were NO gurus. Later, Bill Nickerson wrote THE book. I followed his advice and “did that.” Point being, read! You don’t have to take expensive courses to learn. Ready, Fire, Aim as Michael Masterson says. Do something, even if it’s wrong. You can always correct a mistake. If you never do anything, what’s to correct? Get something going first. Then take “advanced” training courses. Unfortunately, most of the “newbies” talk a good fight and then do nothing. If you “need” this course, take it but remember it’s worth is zero unless you do something with the knowledge you gain from it.

course 3 days =495 discount off of the normal 999

very good question about why pay and then ask
buyers remorse maybe ? feeling ambitious and jumpy at the same time

I have 1 rental property but still feel inexperienced but want to and determined to progress in this endeavor

Petemfa, AJ290 and the others are absolutely right
lucky for me I am still within my 3 day right to cancel

once said and done I’m out of the postage for sending cancellation back as next day mail

I will utilize this forum and actually planning on attending local REI club meeting next week ,find mentor and get as much (free) or close to free info as possible

I’ll ask first

sounds good Oldguy


I read books too. I learned a lot of information but I need to put what I am learning into action though. I don’t have the money for cash only real estate purchases. So i’m looking to find a mentor in NC where I am relocating to help me to find some properties and lenders that will work with me to get started in investing in real estate.