Revin the Engines!

Ok so I’ve started.

I have begun to do a small amount of marketing for my investments. The only thing I did so far was put 60 flyers or so on cars at the trainstation on sunday. The flyer basically read, “want to make a quick 500 dollars for the holidays?” it then had a pic of an abandoned house.

The ad’s copy told my target audience that I am looking for fsbo, fsbr, abandoned, run down, doesnt matter!

I listed my cell # and my new email address that I made for my investing purposes.

My question for all of you is what would you recommend is the best way to get started, I am printing my flyers on my laser printer to save cost cause as you can tell I have little funds until I make my first deal. What do you guys think is the most cost effective way to market to get a deal?

How do you guage your success? I see people saying they get 10% on a marketing campaign…I am trying to keep records as well so I know what works and what doesnt.

One way to keep tabs on your marketing success is by using a toll free number that will allow you to have serveral in-boxes or extensions. You can then list a particular extension for a particular marketing campaign. For example say you’re doing flyers at the trainstation and doing flyers at a local university. Both would have your toll free number with different extensions. You can then see how many calls/leads you’re getting to each one. This is also a good way to see how your changes to a certain marketing campaign/plan are working.

Good luck!

Thats a great plan, I am looking to get a voicemail this week, I want the cheapest possible solution that will allow me to check my messages online.

Do you have any cheap, reliable marketing campaigns that I can begin?


have you tried for the postcards?


Try for voicemail box. It’s about $10/month and has caller id.