Reverse Shortsale

Does Anyone know anything about this I just recently saw this in my email. I wanted to get a little more information?

of course a short sale is selling the house for less than you owe on it, maybe a “reverse short sale” (which I have never heard of) is selling a house for more than you owed on it, maybe they changed it from a 'regular sale" to a reverse short sale to sound more interesting, or its becoming so uncommon with regular homeowners today,

I really have no idea,


A reverse short sale is called a foreclosure!


Lol that’s great. It’s no big deal they just wanted to sell something that was all i found out.

A reverse short sale is a technique that can save the sale, commissions for agents and net you a good sum as well. You’d need to work with an agent to identify pending short sales that are within 30-60 days of foreclosure sale and working with the listing agent to explain that it is an extra tool they can use to save their commission if the sale at the bank appears in trouble. Takes some educating on your part but you basically buy the house at auction, sell at the same price already agreed upon by the buyer using their non-refundable earnest money, and whatever additional funding needed to make the purchase. Object is to get the home at a large enough spread to pay the investor, commissions, closing costs and of course, whatever you determine your cut to be. I.E. a short sale with contract for 350,000 falls through…you buy through the auction at say $1 over minimum which turns out to be 291,000. The 59k minus all expenses is yours because the buyer has a contract on the house for $350K. Do your home work on seasoning requirements, have inspections/appraisals done beforehand paid for by buyer and disclose, disclose, disclose.


Whats the name of the guy humping the reverse program? You obviously have some insight on the method, are you working in that arena? If so, what is your greatest challenge and what is its greatest benefit? Looking forward to hearing back on this. Thanks