reverse bandit sign strategy

hello investors,

i’m curious about using the reverse bandit sign method on vacant homes to find the homeowner. when you put a “for sale” sign on the front lawn expecting a call from the homeowner, what is your response when the homeowner calls asking why you put the sign on his/her property? does this upset the homeowners? also, how do you handle calls from prospect buyers interested in looking to purchase the house?


Ryan yes it upsets the homeowner… However you now have their telephone number… Call them back the next day dont argue with them that day…

I bet if you try this you will be amazed… Call someone cold - have a conversation with them about buying their house… Then the next day call them again - the second time they will be more open to the idea… They may ask if you called yesterday however most wont even recall… We are too busy to remember the little things and it takes touches to do deals…


I’m all too familiar with cold calls and yes followup is key. I wonder if there’s a better way to perform this strategy w/out upsetting the homeowner. I’m always about the nonconfrontational approach.