Returned post cards from previous mailings

I’ve received some post cards back from my previous mailings to home owners with outstanding tax liens.
I had mailed them out with address correction requested…
post cards came back…

  • Not deliverable as addressed (even though it was addressed as per the list)
  • Vacant
  • no forward order on file
  • forward time expired
  • No mail receptacle
  • unclaimed
    For our more experienced investors,…tell me if I’m right.
    To me this screams out possible deal!!!
    If the property is vacant, forward time expired, unclaimed etc…means the home owner already left!!
    How would you proceed from here?

You could use to find possible new address or phone and track them that way.

Another good site is Yes, definitely follow-up and try to locate the seller. A vacant house has much more potential for a motivated seller.

Think about doing a reverse address lookup to find the homeowner’s name and phone number (possibly cell phone): Then you can just contact them and see if they would be interested in selling.

I contacted and was told that it is a $150 charge. I was also told that you could only use there services if you were in the rental business or a licensed realtor. According to the person that replied, they do not allow idividual usage :rolleyes

Accurint to my knowledge is now a monthly fee based service rather than a pay per search service so if you are only doing a few searches a month something like Findtheseller would be better.