retail priced training programs

Me again. I have an “interview” with PMI tomorrow, for training on how to do REI.
Pointers? Thoughts?

I bought an infomercial book that got me to this website, so I am not dissing the book - I really dig the author - but tomorrow someone is going to get me to talk about all my real estate dreams, will turn them around back at me and get me to commit to thousands of dollars in training.

I am a salesperson, I know how this works. I just want to know how anyone out there got their start.




I would not even bother with the call, you already decided your smart enough to see the hard sell and quite frankly you won't get what your paying for, your better off putting that money into a small house rather than throw it away on this so called "Training"!!

Don’t Do It!!!


Thank you so much. You are right…I was feeling the set up in the call yesterday. So I guess I just needed someone to tell me I don’t need it.


I know I am new but it’s always best to follow your first mind when dealing with people and companies. Sometimes we forget to value our intuitions.

im a newbie as well and just got my first wholesale deal under contract! this deal from start to contract signed was 6 weeks. there’s no secret formula, it’s just a numbers game. i have 2 other deals in the works from this campaign. here’s exactly what i did:

i got a FREE list of Absentee Owners from the Chicago Title company. the lady i spoke with was nice, put everything on a disc. then i used click2mail, uploaded my list and sent out 2500 postcards. i use evoice for voicemail. all this info i got from ‘REICLUB’ ! there’s a wealth of knowledge here, you just have to READ READ READ first!

you can buy with no credit or money down but you have to have $$$ for marketing. all the gurus leave that part out LOL the first couple calls i made was nerve wrecking but if you dont get out of your comfort zone, you’ll never get anywhere. this business isnt for everyone but it’s very rewarding for those that get past their fear! this deal i will make a kool $5700, you can do the same AZ!

Thank you so much! I am not scared…just not sure what the first step is.
I can afford marketing, but not 5K down on a house. I am eager to get started so I will read read read.
The class I talked to the “sales guy” about was 3700/dollars. If i knew it would hep me start, I would consider it. I am more fearful i will waste the money and the info wont help me. So…off to reading I go.

depending on what your goals are, dont be too concerned about knowing everything. i spent the last 7-8 years trying to learn every strategy inside and out and i didnt do a single deal! i finally realized the only way to get different results is to do something different. direct mail works, it’s a just a numbers game. you will get ALOT of rejection but that’s part of the game too. take action and educate yourself along the way, worked for me :smile

what was your first deal? was it a no money/no credit deal?
i am sure you are busy with the holiday…but I would love to hear it.