Restoring Old Metal Windows

I am thinking of restoring old metal windows in a house I just bought. I was originally going to replace them, but they are in excellent shape aside from a few cracked panes. They have the original storm windows and are sealed very well. I hate to ruin the character of the house by putting in new windows, but don’t know if reglazing and getting new glass panes are worth the effort. The house is a beautiful 1930 brick Tudor. Has anyone attempted this project and if so, any advice?

If you can remove the sash that has the broken pane any good old school hardware store can fix it for you. If the window was put together it will come apart, just take your time. If you can’t figure out how to remove the sash take a few close up digital pics of it and bring it to the hardware store with you. Most of these places will be able to show you how to remove it just by looking at the type window it is.

Hey, Thanks for the info , will let you know how it turns out