Rest of 2011 in Wall St?

Okay… This week wasnt very good for the Stock Market. Worst week since 08’ I believe… DOW fell a good 5.5% just today. How far will it go?

Whats the future in yall opinions? Continue to drop?

Thoughts anybody? We headed for a big double dip recession?

Ahh…Ford is around 10 bucks a share man. I remember when I had a chance to buy that at about 2 bucks a share…memories…

I’m showing Ford at 9.85 in after hours trading. It was up around 16 not long ago. I’m not sure what you’re seeing in the $2 range.
I just went from a pretty healthy monthly contribution to completely maxing out my TSP (401k). Other than that, I’m just paying down RE debt and building emergency savings. I’m not a trader, but I think it’ll be bad for awhile. I have a 25 year horizon so I’m going to continue maxing out my TSP and Roth IRAs and just treat the drops like buying opportunities.

Lol… wrong Ford. Sorry, was at work and in a rush. Will fix in post.

Was in a rush at work, and didnt notice my mistake. lol

I see what you did. The ticker symbol for Ford Motor Company is “F”. You searched for FORD which is a company called Forward Industries.

Yeah, now i feel goofy. Thats what happened .My bad :anon lol. But anyway… how about the rest of the market? Any thoughts?


GOLD $1738.00 Ounce

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Three long trades on the QQQ today yielded %1.2 …I feel like the luckiest guy in the world…Some real carnage …What worries me abt todays action is that some big names sold out…Hedge Funds…

good video…(trader’s take on next 12 months):


I bought Ford on advice of fdjake on this board. I was leery when the company was in trouble and the price was $1.70 so I stayed away for a few weeks. When it stabilized and I knew chapter 11 wasn’t in its future bought in at $2.70. Sold shares off in chunks at $5, 6, 7, and 8. Wish I held it to it’s 52 week high of $19 but I got nervous and was trying to get my profits out before it dipped. Made plenty of money regardless, almost tripled my investment.


Not much left to go this year, but I’m hoping it starts going back up soon. The downward trend is getting real old.