Resources to find people who want to rent to own or post your rent to own prop

I am looking to get into rent to own lease option. Is there any websites or suggestions on how to get my properties out there for people to see.

I like direct mail and flyers. Signs are awesome as long as you don’t go to Bandit Sign Jail.

As far as a list you can get a list of Non Owner occupied properties and mail it directly to the property.

Also you can probably see that some subdivisions have more rentals than owners. Great way to develop a flier program

One method is to ask your title company for all of the absentee owner property around your house and mail them a “I have a house you can afford” flyer… I have tried signs, car lot banners, newspaper ads, classifed ads… You should be looking for buyers when youre looking for sellers…

As for a website… There is one but I think its run by a competing forum…

Good Luck


Thank You Both Very Much!!! Happy Holidays