resource (web site) for rental markets?

i’m going over my leads over the passed year to see which of these leads might make good potential lease options.

ideally i would like to start with the best rental markets. is there any web site/resource that provides a comprehensive list of all towns in my site? perhpas a list from best to worst?


I only buy and invest in real estate these days based on analytics! You can Google "Best US Rental Markets", "Best US States for Rentals", "Best US Rental Towns", Best US Rental Cities", "Best US Rental Towns", etc. you get the idea. 

I double check vacancy factors, taxes (Property and Business), employment and unemployment rates, average income, growth rate, demographics, access to transportation, location, etc.



thanks for the info. unfortunately i’m looking for something more specific since im dealing mostly in one state. this info will help me narrow down the order in which i process leads etc.

Something I always wanted to know as well.

yes it will be helpful in the coities where more job openings are there, and people are migrating