Researching Probate Leads??

I have a list of 100 names from this months Obituary section. I called the Probate Examiners office today and they said that information can be pulled there, if I have the names of the deceased. I am going to pull the records tom…is there any advice anyone has - besides asking someone else in the office for help??? Also, I have located the legal paper in my town and have written down the names of about 50 divorce cases. Is looking up this information about the same?? Just findng out the right person to speak with in the office is the way to go?? I was going to make a half day trip out of it tom. and try to look up divorce petitions, probate petitions, and unlawful detainers…is this a god idea or am I getting into hard to tread water?? Any advice on how to go about looking this information up is much appreciated!

I would recommend just trying to contact someone in the office who is familiar with the information you are looking for. That will probably be the most effective way you can use your time. Just remember, finding prospects in this manner is extremely sensitive, and in many cases may be too early for people to deal with. Obviously people do not want to deal with things like this in times of grief so if you plan on going through with this, you need to make sure you come off not as a business person, but more as someone trying to help them out. Anyways, that would probably be the way I would attempt this, but it is not something I ever plan on doing.

If the records name the executor, that’s who you contact and not the family Be very tactful and sympathetic.

I would think on the divorce thing, just leave your card with all the divorce lawyers and let them know you buy houses.