researching at the courthouse....

Yep, I’m a noob and I’m wanting to know how to find pre forclosures at the courthouse. Where do I need to go, the recorders office? What do I need to ask? I’m looking for NODs, but what exactly will I be looking at and for?


In most places you can access the information you need via the web.

GooD LucK! :beer

I’ve been wondering the same. Sites like Realty Track tend to have a week delay between the NODs are recorded and when they are posted on the site. I’ve been trying to find an effective way to get this information quicker but with no luck. For instance in LA county I haven’t discovered a way to search for, say, all NODs filed yesterday.

I don’t know where Realty Track gets their data but if they use some other provider I suppose one could use them directly.

Any suggestions?