Research techniques? how do you do it?

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Research Techniques - How do you all go about it??

Since in another topic I was talking about appraised value vs. assessed value and the county records. I thought I would start this one. What steps do you all take to do your research? Especially over the phone when you call the court house to get info. I am just a little unsure what steps I need to take when I find a piece of property, or see a trustee sale in the paper and I want to find out the address, lien info, easements, etc. via a phone call to the county. It seemed that I had to call the county several times to get all my info. cause I would forget to ask about something. Just want to be able to get all the info I need into one conversation with them.

trial and error my friend. write it down.

the basics:
utilities - hook up or not?
encumbrances, liens etc.
owner name

i mean that’s a start. after that, there really isn’t much you’ll get from talking over the phone. now you said County? usually, you’re calling more localized than that for specific info on homes. County usually deals with the overall picture of the area zoning and permits etc.

but every area is different i guess. here, i talk with town clerks to get info. the tax assessors office and such.

hope that helps. after this, neighbors and the like are a good resource for finding out info on a given property.