Research for Remote Land Home In Illinois!

I have been doing heavy research on acquiring a remote wilderness or rural property in Illinois. Im looking for something extremely economical and economically modern. Ive been looking to either purchase or rent some property in Illinois that is very isolated such as in the forrest or in a rural area. Im looking for something that has no neighbors within a 5 mile radius proximity. I know this type of land is rare in Illinois but Ive found some good leads such as farm property and forrest property in areas such as central Illinois and down deep south by the Shawnee Forrest. Im looking to maybe outsource the rest of the research to a service provider that can narrow my search and produce viable options. Now Im open to options as far as renting or buying and types of homes. Ive been exploring renting a cabin, buying a modular house, container house, pre-fab, or similar low cost housing option. Ive found lots of container houses and such that are actually quite architecturally advanced for very cheap in the $5000 to $10000 range. I would like to complete the whole project for for a maximum of around $5000 to $15000. Thats why Im doing some digging to find the most economically viable solution. I would like to maybe hire a researcher to hunt down the particulars such as land that is synonymous with these peripherals and viable housing options that could be instituted on this land. I just dont know what route I should take, be it hiring a real estate agent, a freelance researcher, or using some other research service that might yield the best results at a decent fee. Got any ideas on how to accomplish this project such as land, homes, or research? THX for any information!