repost: Finding leads

I posted this under marketing but recieved no responses, so I thought I’d try it here.

Has anyone been successful getting info from town halls, city clerks and tax asessors offices? I’m looking for lis pendis lists, eviction notices, properties with code violations, absentee landlords, (did I forget anything?).
In Connecticut some of the towns/cities have a computer system where some of this info can be obtained, but usually only by having a specific address. I’ve heard that municipalites do catalog these things and that they don’t like to give it out.
Has anyone found the right questions to ask the ladies behind the counter to get these leads?


I went to city hall and talked to the city housing inspector. I told him I was a rei and that I was looking to purchase vacant properties. He gave me the addresses (and owner if he had that info) of all of the properties in our community that were vacant and had also been served notice of code violations. He also told me to come back about every 3 weeks and he would have more addresses for me.

Perfect! That’s a great idea, thanks.