Reporting credit to the credit bureau

I am looking for a company or individual that will report credit to the credit bureaus. There is someone owner financing from me and he wants to buy the house. He has been paying as agreed for 2 years and now wants his credit to report that fact. I need a way to report his credit history to the bureaus so that he can get a good term when ‘refinancing’ the owner financing that is currently in place.

Does anyone know how I can report his credit to the credit bureaus?


I wouldn’t come out of pocket to pay for that since his lender will require 12 months of rent checks anyway…

You might be able to get 12 months of Bank Statements to show the rent coming out each month.
Are you renting to him as an individual or in a company name.
A lot of lenders will not allow a verification of mortgage or rent history from a private party.
I am going to assume that you have done a land contract with him. If I am correct, did you record it?

i think there is a link on where you can sign up and report to the credit bureau’s …i haven’t checked their site lately, but im pretty sure if you do some searching around on it …you’ll see it… g.l

You can report your tenant’s rent to the credit bureaus by subscribing to the National Association of Independent Landlords at

For a very nominal fee they will report to the bureaus every month. They call you every month on the 10th to ask if your tenants paid.