Replys please!

I was thinking of purchasing the Carlton Sheets package, has anyone used his tecniques? And how would you rate his course? Does this really work in any state? I would appriate any feedback.



4 of 10 if you are absolutely new to real estate.


I have had Sheets’ program for a long time…I bought it used on E-Bay for about $30 or so. I have used some of his techniques, some are sound basics…some are wild conjecture and he doesn’t go into any really great detail about how to do stuff – just tell you to do it.

If you know nothing about real estate investing, the course can provide some decent basics…

Sheets’ system will not work in some markets – specifically, the overheated, overpriced areas where real estate sells in 2 days for more than list price (i.e., California, Las Vegas, Florida, etc.). I think his ideas work best in sluggish markets where real estate is not moving all that well.

I think you are much better off NOT looking for that 1 in a thousand ‘no money down’ deal and trying to go after the less scarce 10% down deals.

If you are really new, I also think that bird-dogging is a good intro to the REI world and requires very little monetary investment on your part. It can provide the funds for the 10% down deals.

My 2 cents…others may disagree (some will say better stuff and some – like “Dan” – will say worse and call him a ‘gasbag’…LOL)


I think all those guru informercials are about the same. I caught one from John Burley one night, but since his was only $40 I ordered it. IT was some good basic info, but for the most part I agree with the previous post.

I bought his course several months back, wanting to add another “edge” to my investing. I didn’t realize the course was for complete beginners. Knowing to come here and ask questions about investing, almost disqualifies you as the type of beginner to buy this course (IMO). Not too mention, after you have the course a few months they bombard you with trying to sign your up for coaching. The guy trying to get me, even told me that the only way I could succeed was with the help of their coaches! The nerve. If you feel the need to get it, buy it on Ebay, dont waste $300 bucks on it from Sheets’ website-the lack of hassle for upsells is the biggest perk there.

lol yah I got a call from a guy saying he was assigned to coach and answer questions for me on my first deal, I told him I started a new job that day and only bought his package for a newbie insight to the business. He wasn’t sure what to say other then bye and he’ll call back later, tho he didn’t sound to sure about it lol…

At least he sounded like he lived in the US…lol outsourced RE mentors!

Thanks everyone for all the info I really appriate all the imput.

My favorite is the guy who says he has like 37 properties now that total like $660,000. LOL

My grandma has 1 home she lives in here in Vegas and has about the same amount.

If you look at the real story, most of those people buy these homes that are 50k or less. With the new law passed by the supreme court, not sure I would put all my eggs in that basket. Here in Vegas some people in a mobile home park are now being, um, relocated to make way for a new development. Low income areas will be prime targets for the new law.

Anyway, the course is ok if you know nothing. One of the ways for no money down is to borrow money from a friend or relative. Not sure information like that is worth $1. It is a decent primer though. You could learn more by reading all the posts here and reading books at your local bookstore.

The focus should not be no money down, rather, positive cash flow and building wealth. I can buy this one property by me for no money down right now. Sure, I will lose about $800 per month if it is rented out and much more if vacant, but I can get it for no money down :smiley:

Sellers of alligators are quite motivated.


Of the literature that I have on hand at this time, I prefer Carleton Sheets. It is detailed information for the investor. I also ordered the Success package which included information for property management, cashing in on foreclosures and distressed properties, and creating quick wealth with partners.

I would consider reading some of the books, and listening to some of the audios or courses listed at REInvestor’s Club. You may want to consider taking a Real Estate Course at your community college and get a copy of Real Estate Practice, the textbook and workbook, and Real Estate Practice and Law for your state.