Replacing sheetrock in a closet with OSB/plywood

If you guys need to replace sheetrock in a closet, in a low income property…

…could someone use OSB (a cousin of plywood) instead, then paint it white?

Is there some reason why this would be a bad idea - besides cost or appearance?

OSB/Plywood, a slumlords best friend. I like to reuse the stuff I pull off of my windows when I buy the place.

To answer your question, I don’t have much trouble with the walls in the closet, i’ve got a low income apartment building that has been around since the early 80s i’m rehabing, and not one of the closets have any real problems with the sheetrock. It’s usually the walls behind the doors that cause the most trouble. I’ve found nailing a 4 inch piece of 2*4 to the floor behind the door where it meets the wall does the best job, just paint it the same color of the wall.

My question would be why?.. Cost and appearance and hassle would be why you want to use sheetrock…

Can you do it? Sure… just wrong application and it costs more… trying to cover the seams would be a pain, even if you used paintable caulk, it would look cheezy at best. Wood fill, more hassle than spackling new sheetrock.

Again… why would you want to use OSB this way?.. unless you bought some cheap on Craigslist… :biggrin

Install it, put some trim pieces in the corners to cover the edge gaps, and paint it.
I could see it working. I think CEO’s intent was a quick & cheap fix. This would be easier than doing drywall finishing.

That’s kinda my point… Assuming the wall of the closet was only 4’ wide. If you are going to use trim at the corners to cover the seams (more work than necessary), and caulk off the ceiling joint (ugh), I would still use the sheetrock, as it is STILL cheaper than OSB. You’ll spend more money on the trim than you will on a bucket of spackle and tape, and you still have to prime and paint it.

If you’ve ever primed/painted OSB, you know how lousy this looks, as every little lift in the OSB becomes pronounced. Not to mention the screws that will be protrude as it sometimes doesn’t sink into OSB all the way, then you gotta remove the screw, wood putty then sand and finish (or look at a divet in the final product). At the minimum, use the sheetrock and trim, but you will save yourself time and effort by doing it right.

Trust me on this… do it right and you’ll save yourself time, aggravation AND money! Buy sheetock to match the size of the closet and install it vertically as one piece. Two coats of spackle, prime/paint and move on.


Don’t put OSB in your closet…OSB will hold mold very easily.

If you are installing drywall in a closet more than likely you will have very few seams to plaster. There should probably be one seam across the back wall. just buy the self adhering mesh dryall tape.


roll it over the seam…and then buy the 20 minute easy sand joint compound which comes in a white and blue bag (Home Depot)

This stuff

Mix it with water…buy a plastic 8inch plaster knife and just rub the joint compound on the mesh tape (on the wall) until you can no longer see the tape or the seam…

wait about…25 minutes…grab a damp sponge and wipe across the plaster until it becomes relatively smooth…after about 30 minutes it will be ready for paint

OSB is best for sheathing…Not finished surfaces…

Mr. Rehab