Replacing Old Doorknobs?

Hey All,

Any of you have experience changing out old doorknobs similar to the one in the following link?I have a few to replace and need to know the cheapest way of going about it. Do they make regular doorknobs with faceplates that will cover the old rectangular hole in the door?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the link to a pic.

I know at Home depot they sell the old mortise style locks in the door knob section. They only have one type polished brass. They fit perfectly in one of my rentals other than a little chiseling to fit the new door plate in.

They are like 20 bucks.

Why are you replacing that? That is gorgeous! Do all the knobs match that?

There are thousands of reproduction doorknobs on ebay.

I wouldn’t replace those. I’d try to match them, or get something else equally antigue.

The only time I would consider taking them off would be if I had low life tenants that stole everything in sight. Then I might take them off and store them until time to sell the house.

So far (touch wood) I haven’t had any problem with tenants stealiing antigue doorknobs or antique light fixtures, but I know it has happened in vacant houses.

Thanks for the replies.

To clarify, the doorknob in the picture was just an example of the style/shape of the knobs I’ll be replacing. I didn’t know the name to discribe the style so I found that picture online.

The doorknobs I’ll be replacing are broken and in disrepair, otherwise I would leave them be.

I appreciate your suggestions.