repair estimate software?

I was just wondering if anyone is having success using software to generate repair estimates for the bank? If so would you mind sharing what program you have because I am wasting so much time driving back and forth to meet contractors that either never show up or don’t provide me with a written estimate.

I would really appreciate any advice!!!


I’m not aware of a a program to estimate repairs as each and every project is differant

You really need to get one or two reliable contractors in your pocket

May I suggest paying them for thier time to give you a real hard copy estimate

Being in the contracting business
I have a few clients whom I deal with on a reg basis who I know will give me the work I am estimateing if they pull the deal off

However Good contractors usualy have plenty of work!
so getting them to come out and then sit down and do a hard copy estimate for a client they know or suspect is a price shopper and they may not get is a total waiste of time

Trust me Contractors that have been around while can tell a price shopper just from the phone call they make

Try getting one or two under your belt by offering them 50.00 to give you a hard estimate and assure them they will get the project if you move forward!

If you want material costs you can pull most of that info from your local home depot or lowes website

basic rule of thumb is add up all materials x’s 2 - 2.5
add some in for over run on labor and you should be pretty close on most projects

Dont hold that true all the way as some projects take very little material but lots of labor> like the hole in your drywall.
will take 20.00 in material but cost you 100.00 to get fixed and paint matched

My Two cents!

Thanks I appreciate your reply!


Try Xactremodel software. It is expensive but awesome.

Develop a spreadsheeet, this works just fine for me. Save your money for deals.

I use National Repair Estimator from Craftsman. It allows me to enter all repairs and manipulate costs based on national averages for any region. You have to get familiar with the software but it provides everything you need to get a bid for your area. Plus you can print it out with as much or as little information you want.