REO's with high equity

Hey all!
I research REO’s nationwide. I have identified several with alot of equity but I have no cash to take advantage. When I find an interested investor how do I structure the deal so that we can split the equity? Is there a standard contract for this or does one have to be created by a lawyer?Also,if i use hardmoney, will the lender be interested in holding on to the property?

I offer my suggestion assuming that by REO you mean properties in pre-foreclosure (i.e. foreclosure notice was served and recorded and auction has not commenced yet)

I think your best way is to find hard money. That will finance your deal (i.e. offer homeowner part of the equity, sell the house, keep the the rest of the equity, pay back the loan with interest.) Another way is to take it “Subject To” and either sell or keep as rental.

For equity split - my understanding is that it is fairly standard transaction (purchase of real estate). As for the lender willing to hold on to the property, I am not really sure what you mean.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Doable. A no brainer! No, lenders are not in property management business.