REO's Seasoning Issues

I am looking to buy REO’s in my area. What I’ve encountered is that the lenders (Sellers) put in the contract that it may not be assigned. Will I be able to do a double close with an end buyer who has to get a mortgage or must it be a cash sale? I’m concerned with the seasoning issues and don’t know how to get around them.

Seasoning issues occur and you just have to have a relationship with a lender who will loan with little or no title seasoning. We have a good one here in Austin who can work magic. Of course, he’s also an investor and works with tons of investors. Keep mind that these loans aren’t cheap, especially if the buyer wants zero down.

Here’s an article on assignability clause.

Steve cooks llc idea is great, I have personally had success with calling the bank and adding a buyer on for financing reasons, then after closing I will quit claim deed myself off title.