reo wont take offer

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Re:plan to buy frist mh 

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Hi there
How do I get reo to take offer
Used agent to summit offer
Reo is holding fast at $52900.00
Property has been on market for over280 days now
Finance company is wells Fargo can I go to them directly
home is in really poor shape and getting worse more damage than last time i looked at it
please help if you can
Thanks Joe Killmer

You don’t. Walk away. Its not your problem that its sitting on their books. Even though you feel that this is a great deal don’t overpay and go onto the next deal. They will call you when then are motivated. Then when they call you back saying they want to sell at the price you gave them, tell them you already moved on to another deal and that your offer would have to be even less.


Thanks nate for your words of wisdom.This is/was my first deal
Had hoped it would turn out better but so be it
On to the next one
Say have you or any one else had any dealings with Premiere Asset Services
They are a spin off of wells Fargo if so how did it go
And would you share your contact with me
Thank Joe

my info is listed below my reply.