REO spreadsheet

Does anyone know where to find a REO spreadsheet? Is it something that’s only offered by gurus for their courses? Is it something that I would have to create? Is it on the web? Please help!! :banghead

do you mean an reo spreadsheet for foreclosure listings in your area? please advise…

If so, i have to make my own spreadsheet for those.

What I’m looking for is what it will cost the bank to take a property into it’s inventory. I’ve heard other SS investors talking about these.

The lender is not going to pay any attention to whatever REO loss you project for them - they already have extensive actual data in that realm - and you don’t know their internal soft costs or contractual arrangements with realtors or outsourcers.

You can however provide data related to market value, marketing time frames, condition and repair needs of the property to support your case.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll use that approach instead.