Does anyone know any Free REO or Foreclosure sites for a new kid on the block? Thanks for any advice :smile

It depends on what your motives are.

Are you wanting to know because you are interested in:

  • REO Investing
  • REO First Home Purchase
  • Becoming a REO Realtor
  • REO Portfolio Brokering
  • Other

Also, although most of these kinds of sites provide free services and/or information, 99.9% of them will have products, services, features which you will be required to pay for.

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REO for my first home :shocked :biggrin

If you are looking for a home to live in then REO’s can be your best bet. As the buyer you will have very little problems finding these properties. What state are you in? I provided a list of REO properties in CA in another post that included the listing agent contact info.

You can also look for asset management sites. Generally speaking they will have the ability for registered members to search all of the listed properties in their system. This is generally a free account, but some may make you pay for it.

For example. allows you to register as a buyer. Then you can search all of their properties, but to make an offer you would still go through the same steps as if you found it any other way. Many people are under the impression that having a list of REO’s by itself is a magical thing. The fact of the matter is that the list itself really means squat. Unless you are dealing with the asset manager directly you are just another person putting in an offer on a property, regardless of whether it is on a ‘list’ or not.

I do know that some of the properties in the list I provided in that other thread are labeled as ‘Pre-Market’ proeprties. This means they have not yet been listed. Properties in a pre market status are ONLY available directly from the asset manager them selves.

With that being said, when you find sites that offer REO ‘lists’ see if any of the properties are premarket or if they are all on the market already. If asked many of the list only companies will tell you that it is not possible to obtain REO properties unless they are listed. That just means you found someone who has no direct contact to asset managers and they are simply data harvesting MLS listings.

Never pay for an list of REO properties. There is simply no reason to.

Other than try googling REO Realtors. Infact, I believe will only list REO agents who have multiple ASSET MANAGER letters of recommendation. Any REO listing agent will be able to provide you with REO properties better than any REO website I’ve seen so far.

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I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. :shocked


Not a very good selection in that state. I’ve only found one asset manager who has any properties there.

Prop #1: | Prop #2:
4 Heritage Blvd | 2254 19.5 Ave
Hudson, WI 54016 | Rice Lake, WI 54868
DOM = 22 | DOM = 6
LP = $144,900 | LP = $112,900

If you’re interested in either of these send me a PM and I’ll email you the contact info for them & I’ll see if I can get my hands on their BPO’s. I’m also waiting for a few other AM’s to get back to me. I left them messages asking if they has any properties in WI. I’ll be sure to let you know if any of them do and I can get the info from them.

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Lot’s of auctions these days…,,

You may find something there.

REDC is having several in my area real soon and williamsauction is doing a bunch now as well.

How about for NYC / Brooklyn – A first home & potential investment properties, any REO lists?

what about the central kentucky area. Looking to be able to do BPO as REO’s. Have investors that would like to be able to get in before the other investors.