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The min. is 10M and up to billions that you can buy in bulk portfolios. My contacts are direct to the compilers at the banks. The buyer will first have to fill out a reo buyer profile and reo custom purchase order order form to get the ball rolling. Then they will send the forms to my contact who will make sure that they can fill the order or not by checking with their sellers first and if they can or not they will contact your buyer within 48hrs to let him know if they can fill the order. If they can which are most cases they are able to fill the orders is not a problem at all. The next step they will need to have a LOI on standby which would go directly to the bank which the bank would contact the buyer within 48hrs to go over everything with them in getting their POF’s to make sure that they have the funds first before they put together a reo list for the buyer. If you’re interested I can send you my NCND for you to sign and fax back to me or you can email it if you like. We all will have to step aside after the paperwork is done. The banks stop giving out sanitized list because their was joker brokers pretending to be buyers and marking up the list and shopping it to real buyers. The buyer will get a customized reo list and not a shopped list at all. It takes about 24hrs to 72 hrs to get a list put together depending on how large the portfolios will vary. The LTV’s are from 50% to 65%.Please keep in mind that the buyer is the star of the show and without him we all can’t get paid if nothing closes. This is how the process works and can’t be changed for anyone at all. If you can follow these simple directions then we can do business all day long. If not then this source is not for you at all. We have closed over 9 deals and have other ones as well in the pipeline. So we look forward to developing a mutually rewarding and profitable business relationship with you soon. My email is