REO Rockstar- Preston and Lee

has anyone try the reo rockstar system???

any reviews??? reactions???

by the wayy…preston release it’s replays for free…worth ($997)

I got the course just last week, I am learning some great stuff.

i have not yet purchased the program yet but am contemplating really hard.
Ive been doing some research and it seems to be that there is alot of great info out there for us.
but what i want to know is if there is anybody out there that has purchased the program and has had some results yet. and if so how long did it take
to make some money

really just some honest feedback would be great

thank you!

to randoskie:
just want to know if you can give us some more feedback on the reo rockstar
besides all the info you are learning have you been able to put the course into action

thanks for your post

I tried it for the sake of the hype. Their teaching certainly does not work in all markets. And definatly not mine. There lead generator is a joke. Its all the properties that are listed in your area. Craigslist, and mls, dumb. And they want you to pay $197 for the private money learning aspect. It also leaves alot out. I personally would never waste my money on it, not to mention a continious charge of $99 a month there after. Just my thoughts.

If you’re just learning REI there’s TOO much totally free or very cheap material out here to be paying for Preston Ely’s high-end stuff. In addition, you need to know that buying REOs probably isn’t the place to start if you’re new. It is not for the faint of heart or for those who are completely broke. You’ll need lots of market knowledge, technical knowledge, patience, and fortitude to get a good deal, and you’ll need to put up non-refundable earnest money of usually $500 minimum, or 1% of asking minimum. None of these necessarily have to apply when speaking with motivated private sellers.

By the way just fyi, Freedomsoft, Open Road, etc are excellent but only if you’re experienced enough to get the full use out of them. Keep in mind those are primarily MARKETING/LEAD MANAGEMENT systems. You won’t learn much about how to do deals, if that’s your challenge. Learn that first, get good at it, then take a look at the expensive stuff and see if it fits your investing strategy and business model.

nsu1997 - I think it’s interesting how you say not to get Preston Ely’s stuff, and then put an ad for it at the bottom of your post.

Where did I say “not to get Preston Ely’s stuff?”

anything that helps automate the work is great. But if you have not don’t a deal or two then the tools will not do you any good. It’s best to just jump on in and get your feet wet before spending more on things that’s going to make the process easy…after all it’s hard to figure out what part of the process you want to automate when you have no process.

I believe education is extremely important for investors. I have not purchased REO Rockstar, but have purchased 2 courses from Preston “Probate by Preston” and “Freedomsoft”. I like both courses, but I dropped Freedomsoft since I had my system in place. For the new investor, I recommend joining your local REI club where most members will be happy to share their local experiences and may even let you borrow a course

PS. I agree with NSU Freedomsoft and Open Road are excellent but only if you’re experienced enough to get the full use out of them.