REO Question from Beginner


I’m a very new beginner in this. I’ve got a vacant property in my neighborhood. I’ve found out that it’s owned by Wells Fargo. However; according to there website which list the REO’s, they state that I can only submit an offer through a Realtor. Wouldn’t that be too late to get the propertly at a substancial discount? I would think getting the offer in before Realtor gets it would be the best shot at a nice discount. By the way, the property isn’t yet listed on there web site. I’m guessing it’s a new forclosure.


Actually the answer is not necessarily… Banks are beginning to discount their inventory. Although I hate buying through a Realtor, BTW I am one, if you can buy it for under 60% of market value then the amount you’re paying for advertising can be justified. Remember buyers pay all seller costs within the price of the property.

However here is the problem… Buyers determine price and if the majority of buyers are going to be buying at steep discounts then the discounted price will become market price and when that happens then you will have an overpriced investment property…

You certainly can buy REO properties at a discount.
Just make the offer at what you need, either the bank will accept or they will counter.
It all depends on how long they have had the property, what condition the property is, and sometimes what day of the calender month it is.

Thanks for the tips. I may give it a 2nd look.


I absolutely love the REO’s of this world. Its all I buy. There are deals to be had. You have to have a savvy realtor that works well with investors, is on top of their game, and gets you the deals before someone else steps in.

Lori is correct. There are lots of factors in buying REO’s. Days on market (DOM), condition, location, are they motivated, etc. A great time to hit the banks at the knees is when they have a property that has fallen through multiple times. They are usually tired in dealing with that property and want it gone and looking for a quick close. Keep that in mind.


Hi, you are right about most banks forcing you to deal with their pet realtors. By that time the best deals are gone, sold to professionals and you end up paying market value.

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Bill Young

Not to hijack this thread, but Kemet, how is it you can help out the homeowner?