REO Offers Using Letter of Intent

Can you use a letter of intent to make offers on REO/Bank owned through a realator or does it have to be done on a standard contract with $500-1000 check deposit included?

Money talk, Bull Sh** Walks. Asset managers don’t want to waist their time with ‘creative’ offers. They will always go for the simplest, more profitable, and quickest closing offers over anything with any kind of conditions, to include type of financing.

GooD LucK! :beer

the maim reason i ask is in Steve Cooks Course he mention he used Letter of intent when making offers as a newbie I was just wondering what type of properties ? he said he uses alot of mls and reos? I wonder if it was in the beginning as well?? I am in the same boat dont reall want to commit 1000 on each offer