REO Listings

Does anyone happen to know what the paper publication for REO’s is in Denver, Colorado? Additionally do any of you have opinions on the REO listing web sites? Are they generally usable/reliable?

Thanks in advance

Denver Colorado I got this one!! LOL (wellsfargo Nationwide)

(great for comps go to bottom of page) (generic MLS)

look at those if you want more let me know!

                     Robb in Aurora Colorado

Thanks Robb,

I will look into these. I’m very new to this game, and just trying to gather all my information and organize my money. Do you believe the Denver Market to be a good rental market or do you flip?


I hold rentals (at least one or two LOL) I also wholesale and flip and and and… Keep the best wholesale the rest…

Did you look at all of these yet?

Yes, I did, and I appreciate the help. My question was perhaps poorly worded, but what I really wanted to know is this. Is it worth subscribing to these sites and using them, or is it better to approach the folks at the banks and try to get the information from them. I am not sure if the information on the web is stale ro not.


Have you bought any property in the mountains at the ski resorts? Do you think this is a good investment?

Stan in Morrison

how about for REO in Minnesota? ANy tips? Sorry for the hi-jack

I have 2 ski in ski out condos one in Winter Park and one in Vail. They are totally rented throughout the winter. And cash flow enough to pay for the full year. Which works out great as I only have tried to ski 2 times in my life and am a warm weather mountain traveler Unless it is for hunting. As for your other question I use title companies to get all of my info they supply my company with weekly listings of N.O.D’s (notice of default) I also use the company that the banks use to do there drivebys that way I find out about them before anyone else. So as far as a web list I cannot say because I do not use them!