reo consultants book

so i bought robs book back in the aka pdf file however recently had the computer crash and the disk that i had it backed up on i can’t seem to find for the life of me …unfort robs profile shows he hasnt been active on here since april 1 of this year anyone have a way of contacting him or a way to get ahold of that book??my email is in my profile.
thanks all

Hm. Rob’s been gone for a long time now. Search in the forums here and you will find some less than desireable things that a few folks said about him. Might be time to find another book :biggrin


Your comment intrigued me.

I searched the forums and found a lot of praise for REOconsulltant’s book. I did not find any post with anything negative to say about Robb.

Perhaps you could just tell us what you know?

I have an advanced copy that I can send you…I didn’t get the final copy…


I’ll reply in a PM.