Renting to hispanic customers

For guys who have a lot of hispanics in your area, have you found it necessary to learn Spanish???

I have found that 95% of the hispanic business owners that I deal with in my primary [non-real estate] business speak English - or at least enough English to make a business deal. But I imagine things are probably different with potential renters. Remember where I’m at…in Texas…a state that borders Mexico…so the city of Dallas is literally something like 50% Mexican. The suburbs don’t have such a high % of hispanics, though I will probably do a lot of business in the actual city of Dallas since there are little to no rental regulations there.

I love Mexicans…they’re a great group of people. I think as a whole, the population tends to be very family oriented, religious - and we all know they are hard working…so I bet they could make great renters.


I certainly think it would help. While most probably speak some English you might be missing out on a lot that don’t and can’t communicate with you. Maybe you can take on a part time assistant that can help you communicate with them. Get someone that can help you with many things not just dealing with the Spanish speakers and he might be a valuable asset. If nothing else a good gofor.

I live in an area that is 50% + Hispanic, in Dalton GA. Its growing like mad, most come here straight from Mexico.
I deal in used cars and cannot for the life of me figure out how to sell to them!!.. Most speak bits of English, most not enough to communicate decently with.

For them its allllllllllll about trust I have read/ heard from Hispanic friends… I believe that if you have someone of their race that understands the culture you could do alot better. I temporarily had a Cuban as a salesperson, he didn’t make a single sell… I am not sure if they detected he was Cuban or just knew… I know that there is a bit of rivalry between the two.

It hasn’t been necessary for me to learn spanish. When you have a service or product ppl want, they find a way to communicate. Many times they bring a friend who speaks English better than they do.

For car sales, don’t know what to tell ya man. Prob hire a spanish sales guy, learn some spanish, and watch what he does.

A ton of Latinos are in my neighborhood, I’ve found them all to be pleasant and family oriented, the ones who are my tenants are dream tenants as well.

Hispanics are just like anyone else, there are good bad and total crap.

I can vouch that there is far far far far less crap in the Hispanic community… White trash I deal with is utterly the worst by far… I am white not being racist… Its just the culture difference. Hispanics have greater respect / fear, most came to America to better themselves and families, they are afraid of laws they don’t know and understand, this is an alien place to most of them, so there for most are better… The white trash is just smart enough to know what they can get away with and trash.

Its very very common in my business to see white trash “let the car go back” as if its perfectly normal to not pay bills you owe and they know nothing will happen… They get better treatment than good credit people!

So I can say for sure Hispanics are generally better at paying… Everyone must find a way to cater to them to earn their trust and business, as it is a very profitable culture.

Probably a little too much generalization and stereotyping, let’s let this one die.