Renting & Selling to Older (Mature) People

Does anyone do this? What are the challenges? I thought about this because I know of a few people who are older and own homes, however, some are really living from check to check and their kids are trying to get them to either move in with them or go to a senior citizen building and sell their home. Their kids are also helping them with the expenses. The parents are somewhat able to live by themselves. These people are definitely mentally stable, but probably need someone to check on them once a day. They are too stubborn to move to a senior citizen’s building, but not sick enough that they need full time care. I’ve been in some of those senior buildings and I wouldn’t want my mother to live there. I am in my mid-thirties and can’t exactly relate, but I do see this as a good market to target.


Must be money there for lender’s have found it with “reverse mortgages.”