Renting out a quonset hut?

Has anyone ever rented out a quonset hut style structure, say for storage, a warehouse or something along those lines? A search of Loopnet will usually turn up a few of these for rent, though they are rare since most of these prefab metal buildings dating back to the WWII era.

Did you encounter any cons? Or find any good pros?

I also wonder if their structural integrity would make them viable rentals for storage purposes (not factoring in the usability of space issue due to the arch walls)? They do normally meet or exceed all building codes, but say if someone backed into one with a truck…would it collapse like a tin can being crushed??? And can they easily be repaired? It makes you wonder.

Any objective opinions on this would be appreciated too.


As far as renting them out, haven’t got a clue. Structural integrity, is actually pretty awesome. The military still uses quonset style hangars for aircraft. They are typically made out of corrugated metal. The ridges in the metal gives them their integrity. I’d be more worried about rust, more than anything else. If you wer to drop a truck on a house and a truck on the quonset hut, my money would be on the quonset hut surviving better than the house.

My aunt lives in a finished out quonset hut on Maui and it is pretty nice on the inside. Everytime I see it though it reminds me of gomer pyle.