Renting out a home with only a shower to a youg family

I am about to close on a SFH and am looking to rent it out. It doesn’t have a bath only a shower. The bathroom is pretty small so it’s not like I can install a tub. Is there any way to have a mini bath, shower all in one? As a built in or perhaps something portable? I have a young family that is interested in renting but they have a toddler.

The house is the house. There will be many renters over the years. If you fix that house up for them by the time it is ready you will be out a few hundred dollars and they will have found another house to rent. Don’t make a house ready for any specific renter. Now if the house is not sufficient to attract a renter then add a tub but if there are renters in your town that rent houses with just showers then rent to them.

If they want to bathe their baby they can use the kitchen sink.

I hear you. I was thinking it would increase the overall value, and as I plan to hold on to the property for the long term it may pay off. Is it even possible to add the plumbing and hardware to the floor of a shower stall to make it possible for say a toddler to sit it?