Renting 1st flr of 2 family, any way I can work a deal?

I currently rent the first floor of a 2 family home. I’m wondering if there is anyway I can use this property to get started in re investing?

My lease is up this month so would it be a good idea to speak with the owner about doing a lease option? Maybe try to get him to sign me up for a 2 year lease with option to buy. He’s owned the property for about 13 years now. He lived in the first floor the first 5 years he owned it.

If he was interested and the price I get works out, I would just live in it until I found a buyer, then sell my option to the new buyer. Would I stay in it or have to move?

Any other ideas on doing something like this?

First question: is the homeowner interested in selling? If not, you’re spinning your wheels.

In order to get a good deal, the seller has to be motivated to sell or you will probably end up paying too much. If the owner isn’t interested in selling, it’s not a bad idea to try and find another 2 family where the owner is motivated to sell. Living in one side and renting the other is a great way to start.