Renters Sue Landlord, Say Home Isn't Energy Efficient

I hope i never have this problem.


Just another tenant playing the landlord lottery! I suggest we round up and deport all the scumbag contingency lawyers. I hear Cuba is nice and I’m sure that the Castro brothers would allow them to abuse the system there!


I’m sure the lawsuit will drag out longer than the lease. As soon as that lease is up, they should be “asked” to leave.

What got me is the rent is being held by the court that makes no sense to me what does the cost of utilities have to do with rent.


Simply baffling…

Call Joe Pesci!! He’ll straighten 'em all out :shocked

Where you located, I will come over and kick em in the junk for you. I dont ever put up with that shit. If they wanted a palace they should have bought one. They signed the lease and knew what condition the place was when they signed. PERIOD.

Myself I am renovating every unit once it goes vacant. I have a few cheap smart arses that think just because I am gutting these units that they can take advantage of everything in the building. Wont pay late fee’s, leave windows open with heat on- I pay it, come bang on my damned door at 11 PM nightly.

Fixing my problems by Submetering my gas and water via compugas. Cant wait till the cheap bastards come by to complain at the end of the month about that. OK MOVE. Then I renovate and raise rents. Mo Money Mo Money! I love it, payback is a Mutha!

We all need to remember the court system is set up for the criminals to benefit from there crimes.

I have a tenant I started to evict on March 18th, since I never recieved March rent (I do not wait long). Well she died April 10 before it went to court. Her 2 sons and mother live there as well.
The judge decided to let them stay and I need to work on a payment arraignement. 5 months later still there and 5 meetings with the judge and old lady. She says I have no money. The father has legal custody of kids but does not want them since he has no room for them.
I now have to file a an unlawful detainer which will cost over $1400 for me after already giving my laywer $1500 so far. Bitch wont leave when I offered her $1200 for a broom clean unit.

System sucks!!!