Rentals in Washington DC


This question is directed to someone who has knowledges of the real estate markets in DC. Specifically, inner DC (Keith?). There has been incredible appreciation over the last few years and property taxes are high. I want to look for townhouses to rent in SE/SW, should I be looking for 3 or more bedroom places? Does anyone know of any good REI clubs that are relevant to the DC, MD, VA area? Its looking damn hard to become a landlord in the district, but i really want to. Distressed and REO’s look like the way to go. Anyone have any thoughts on hot parts of inner dc to invest in?

3-bedroom are best…2-bedrooms tend to be marginal…folks either have kids or want an office space. But, for the very reasons you cited, (appreciation and HIGH taxes), positive cashflow may be a bit of a trick.

This is the REIA that my buddy belongs to…it is supposed to be a very good one:


That is really helpful, I appreciate it.