What’s the best way to find a renter - for free!

For free? Yard sign…(I guess you could use a paper bag and a stick). But, i would spend the $9 and buy a nice sign. Also, 3X5 cards at the WalMart, grocery, library, etc. If you’re near a military base, use the housing referral office.


Hi. Try some of the websites - you can actually post your rental ad free and let rent seekers come to you.

Or there are others that have “Rentals Wanted” sections.

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Call the Housing Authority in your area.
You can sign up to have your vacancy listed for free.
Section 8 renters will call you.

I know some people don’t like section 8 but I love it.
I get my checks every month and my most recent vacancy was after the tenant was in my house for 12 years.
It’s been great for me.

Eric Haggin, Realtor - Keller Williams,Danville,CA

He’s right about some people not liking Sec. 8. I am never doing it again after giving it one shot.

The check came like clockwork, yes, however, the caliber of tenant that pursues this assistance, in my area, are scum without question. I ended up spending over $8,000 to get it ready to rent again. Half that was getting the smell out.
I lost all faith in our country’s welfare program, That’s how bad it was.