Rental units and SFH, can they be funded together

I am looking at a possible commercial deal and a home for my primary. Is it possible for a HML to fund these together or would they have to be separate. I am renting right now and the rental units are in the same place as the home. ASAP
Thanks, Michael


Are you attempting to purchase the multiple dwelling rental building you currently live in, and also plan to have one of the units as your primary residence? Or are you asking a different question ?

Hello, I will clarify. I am in the process of getting a MHP and I would also like to purchase a SFH neighboring the park. I really wanted to know what would be the best way to finance.

Financing them seperately is the only way you can go. One is commercial the other is residential. Not to mention the rate you get on the SFH will be much better than on the MHP.

Thank you for the info. I also have a dilema with this. Need help on how to handle it. The house in question is currently being rented on a m2m basis, the seller is selling the house for 25k, its a 3/1 that sits on 1/2 acre and an inground pool, the ARV is 110k. The MHP is 60k. Is there a way to aquire the house then get the house refiā€™ed to get the park, or get the park to pay for the house. I would still like to be close because I would manage the park myself. I tried a HML but he turned out to be ummm., not beneficiary.