Rental Property with a pool

I am looking at purchasing a SF home to live in. Eventually (2-5 years from now), I plan on renting out this property. Current market rents allow me to rent this property for slightly negative cash flow, but this is not so much an issue, because I plan on living in it for a while.

The real issue is that this property has an inground swimming pool. Does anyone here rent a property with a swimming pool? Is this a major problem liability wise? Shold I plan on filling it in before renting out the property?


I had a property with a pool at a rent house. I would recommend that you require the tenant to have a pool service or have the pool service yourself and add it to the rent. I did not have a problem with liability issues, but I may have just been lucky.


Thats kinda what I was thinking. And thanks for the reply. I figure a pool (especially here in the south) would be a major selling point (though not necessarily increased rent) to a renter. I will aquire a blanket insurance policy or transfer to an LLC prior to converting this property to a rental.

Thanks again.

I once heard a pool referred to as a hole in the ground that you throw your money into. Just keep in mind that not all tenants or buyers want a pool. If a buyer wants one and the property does not have it, they can always add one. A pool might be a selling point for a renter or a deal killer. You never know.


You won’t have a problem with the pool issue while you are occupying it - just make sure you bump up the liability limit to $500,000 (about $25) or $1,000,000 (about $30).

Once it becomes a rental, 7 out of 10 companies will NOT insure it due to the pool issue. Make sure you do your insurance homework before turning this into a rental.

Good luck!