Rental Property - New to this group

I plan to acquire a rental property in 15 days.
I have a few questions, as i start learning more about the team that i need to surround with.
Is it better to have an LLC or create a land realty trust. I have a trust that i already created for the family.

Should i have the LLC tied to the rental property. Who else should i be speaking to.
Real estate attorney, CPA etc.

If you can direct me to previous posts, i will be glad to go back and review them.

Newbie to real estate investing.


For your first rental property you don't need a LLC! Use your own name and get a good landlord tenant policy and if you have any kind of net worth to speak of get an umbrella liability policy!

A living family trust is different than a stand alone trust and you can not put the property in any trust to purchase unless your paying all cash! Lenders will not make a mortgage loan to a trust!

Real estate agent and property management company if you don’t plan on managing your self!

Good luck,