Rental/Property Management Software...

Hello all,

I know this topic has probably discussed at length in the past, but I was hoping to hear what people think about the best bookkeeping/property management software out there.

We currently own 30 units and will be upward of 50 w/i a 12-18 months.
We currently use Quickbooks and I have a rather manual labor-intensive process for monthly statements/receipts to the tenants - and are looking for preferably a more automated system (especially for the statements/receipts).

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I know one of the most popular programs out there is ‘Buildium’ property management software. I’m not sure the exact cost but I personally know some property managers in my city that use it and love it

The description of it: “Property Management software solutions for tenant screening, online payments, complete accounting and access for tenants”

You can find their info at the bottom of the page at the following link:

I hope that helps!

Not sure of the price but many professional property / HOA management companies use Yardi, Topps to name a few as there are others. In my opinion, Topps tends to be more economical from a initial cost standpoint. But here in SoCal, I have been told that some of the additional features like historical to present “trend analysis” or amoritization maybe an extra cost feature. But does the job for many. is really good. I use it. I think its like $15 a month for up to 25 properties. I like it because it is hosted on their servers so you dont need to worry about protecting and backing up data at home or the office.