Rental Property Insurance

How do I find an insurance company that insures things in the rental porperty not belonging to the tenent. I am not looking for renters insurance. What I mean by this is if a hot water heater or garbage disposal goes out in a rental unit the tenant can call the insurance company and they will send someone out to fix the problem and it is all covered under the monthly premium. I am looking for something in the Dallas area. I saw a company on the web a while back that does this but can’t find them now.

You’re looking for the warranty type service right, not regular insurance? There are a few members here using that type of service, hopefully one will chime in.


Bluemoon06 is using them for his properties, here’s a quote from one of his posts:

I fix up the property when I buy it. I mean that I take out the original loan with enough money in it to make everything new. New appliances paint carpet everything. New things don't break. If they do they are under warranty or they are broken. If the tenant has broken it they pay for it out of their deposit. I also get a home warranty. I had $200 worth of A/C work done for $45 last week using BFS Home Warranty.

Thanks Rich. That’s what I was looking for.