Rental Properties - Tennessee

I have heard a lot about Tennessee. What are good areas in Tennessee to purchase rental properties (jobs, demo, vacancies, etc)?


I’ve heard the same thing! It’s weird I just recently heard that and this post comes from out of no where… lol.

I’m still learning how to work things out on paper - or better yet ’ pencil ’ equations in to see if i’ll lose my butt by acting or if i’m already losing by procrastination… lol

I know a bunch of girls from Nashville. Obviously a large city, but they loved it and said that everyone that lives there loves it.

Maybe look in some fringe areas?

Also near Tenn State College?

I know nothing about the area though.

I hear a lot of people from S. Florida stating that they are cashing out and moving to places like Tenn, NC & GA. I know the Atlanta area fairly well but I have no idea about Tenn. For example, I am not sure which area is better Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville? Also if you can stomach hurricanes I think S. Florida will begin to see some very good deals. It’s amazing how quickly things change. Many sellers are desperate to get out of all the inventory they bought and now cannot unload.