Rental Permits

Has anybody heard of paying a $16 per month for a permit to rent out a SFH ?

What Location ?

Sioux City Iowa…i have 1 property in Sioux City, Iowa where they charge for a permit, and 1 property in South Sioux City, Nebraska where they dont charge for a permit…i dont get it and have never heard of paying a monthly charge for a rental permit

YES I live in florida and we actually are required to get a business license for EACH piece of rental property

The city made a mistake and the permit is a one time fee of $16 per year. I paid it on the 27th of December and mistakenly billed me about half a month later making me think that it was going to be a monthly thing. The $16 isnt a big deal to me, but i guess i’d like to know where that money goes and why we have to pay it. I paid my due, and they didnt give me anything except a receipt…seems like a B.S. way of raising money if you ask me.

It’s either that or taxes, they’ll always get you somehow.