Rental Lease

Hi just finished total rehab want to sell but have renters who really want to rent can put into lease I have to option to sell the property any time with month to month lease?

You don’t even need to put a clause in there like that. A m2m lease is simply that - month-to-month. All you have to do to end the lease is give proper notice of lease termination…generally 30 days (check your state laws).

You don’t need any special language to sell the house. A lease follows the property. The only real issue occurs if your buyers want the place empty at closing.

Keep in mind that if you put tenants into a freshly renovated house, you may end up re-doing a lot of the renovation. Occassionally, you get tenants who treat a house like they own it, but not very often. Rule of thumb is that tenants will tell you that they don’t own it so it isn’t their responsibility to take care of it.